Pulp Industries and Paper

Pulp industries and Paper is divided into two parts: pulping and paper making. The pulping process is a process in which a material rich in fiber such as a material is subjected to preparation, cooking, washing, bleaching, and the like to form a pulp which can be used for papermaking. In the papermaking process, the slurry sent from the pulping department is subjected to a process of mixing, flowing, pressing, drying, coiling, etc. to produce finished paper. Further, the alkali recovery unit recovers the alkali liquid in the black liquor discharged after the pulping for reuse. The wastewater treatment department treats the waste water after papermaking to meet the relevant national emission standards. The various processes of the above paper production are indispensable to the control of the regulating valve.

Equipment and NEWSWAY valve for Pulp industries and Paper

Water purification station: large diameter butterfly valve and gate valve

Pulping workshop: pulp valve (Knife gate valve)

Paper shop: pulp valve (Knife gate valve) and globe valve

Alkali recovery workshop: globe valve and ball valve

Chemical equipment: regulating control valves and ball valves

Sewage treatment: globe valve, butterfly valve, gate valve

Thermal power station: stop valve