Petroleum Refinery

The petroleum refinery refers to a plant that produces diesel, gasoline, kerosene, lubricating oil, petroleum coke, asphalt, and ethylene from processes such as distillation, catalysis, cracking, cracking, and hydrorefining of crude oil extracted from the formation.

The valves produced by NEWSWAY can fully meet the various valves required by the refinery to prevent fire, explosion and other dangerous situations and ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

In refinery units, commonly used units and corresponding valve selections made by NEWSWAY valve:

Catalytic devices: plug valves, one-way damping valves, high temperature butterfly valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, high temperature gate valves, mainly high temperature wear resistant valves.

Hydrogen production, hydrogenation, reforming unit: orbit ball valve, control valve, Y-type globe valve, hydraulic butterfly valve, high pressure valve, pressure is usually higher than 1500LB.

Coking device: two-way ball valve, four-way ball valve, plug valve, mostly based on high temperature valves, the material is mostly chrome-molybdenum steel. High pressure hard seal ball valves, usually from 1500 LB to 2500 LB.

Atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit: electric gate valve, made of chrome molybdenum and stainless steel

Sulfur device: main insulation jacket valve, jacketed gate valve, jacketed ball valve, jacketed plug valve, jacketed butterfly valve.

S-zorb device: Metal hard seal ball valve, required to wear and high temperature.

Polypropylene unit: stainless steel pneumatic ball valve

No specific device: mainly regulating valve: pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic ball valve, pneumatic segment ball valve, globe control valves and so on.