Mining refers to the extraction of naturally occurring minerals such as solids (such as coal and minerals), liquids (such as crude oil) or gases (such as natural gas). Including underground or above-ground mining, operation of mines, and all auxiliary work, such as grinding, beneficiation and treatment, which are generally carried out near the mine site or site to process raw materials, are activities of this type.

NEWSWAY VALVE provide solutions for the mining industry will help improving environmental safety, working conditions of process pipelines, facility basis & valve service life, and reduce downtime caused by maintenance.

NEWSWAY VALVE can provide the metals and minerals industries with severe service metal-seated ball valves that withstand extreme processing environments. Our autoclave valves have success fully performed in slurry pipeline applications across the globe.

Main Applications market:

Iron Mine Exploitation and Smelting

Aluminium Mine Exploitation and Processing

Nickel Mine Exploitation and Processing

Copper Mine Exploitation and Processing

Main Involved Products: